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Learn more about Tarot Cards and how they can guide and empower you to make the right decisions and choices.  Book a Tarot reading for yourself or for a friend. Understand the cards and develop your psychic and intuitive skills with full descriptions of each individual card. Check out the Rainbow Spirit blog for information on layouts, card combinations, and enhancing your ability to read the cards accurately and helpfully.

Unlock Your Path to Clarity with Tarot guidance

Feeling stuck or unsure about the future? Rainbow Spirit Tarot provides insightful readings and guidance to help you find clarity and make informed decisions.

Gain confidence and understanding


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Rainbow Spirit Tarot offers accurate readings to help you gain a clearer insight into your current situation and future possibilities.

Full consultation 45 minutes
Celtic Cross reading followed by three questions and discussion

Mini Consultation 15 minutes
A quick look at what is going on right now and where you are heading



Why Tarot?

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Do you want a better understanding of where you are now?

Do you want to know where you are going and what your future looks like?

Are you fed up with feeling lost and out of balance?

Are you looking for some guidance and clarity?

Rainbow Spirit Tarot is here to help you find your path and give you the inner strength and calm you are looking for. 

Through my guided reading technique, I can lead you to a better understanding of where you are now and where you are going. The Tarot cards will tell a story and the messages help you to look at things in a new light or to think about things you hadn't considered or admitted to, and they help you move forward with positivity. 


If you are feeling stuck, and unable to move forward, if you need an answer to a particular question, turning to Tarot will calm the overwhelm and provide kind words of encouragement and the non-judgmental support you need.  Rainbow Spirit Tarot is here for you.


When you book a reading you will be sent a confirmation e-mail and a Google Meet link to use at the time of your booked consultation. If you have any questions or need to change the time of your booking you can do so by e-mail. If you buy a gift card it will be sent to the person at the e-mail address given and they can then make a booking on the website. Please note that there are no refunds for bookings or Gift Cards. All readings are intended to offer support and encouragement for the well-being of readees, but are not substitutes for professional counselling. It is important to understand that the reader can not be held responsible for any decisions or actions made by the readee.


What They’re Saying

"I was feeling lost and uncertain, but Sian  provided me with the guidance I needed to find my way. Highly recommended!"

Bella Davis

“The tarot readings from Rainbow Spirit Tarot have been incredibly accurate. They have helped me gain clarity and confidence in my life decisions.”

Samantha Rivera

“Consulting Rainbow Spirit Tarot has been an amazing experience. The readings have given me deep insights and empowered me to create the future I desire."

Ruby Jackson

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