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For some people, Tarot cards are mysterious and a little bit scary. In truth, they are your friends and guides. Below I give you a brief meaning of each of the cards and as you will see they each have a range of interpretations and these can correlate with other cards or oppose them. As you get to know your own pack, you will start to find patterns emerging that create a specific meaning for you each time they appear in a reading. 

We all want to see fabulous cards telling us that we will be rich, happy, and successful and are frightened of seeing anything negative, but actually, these are very useful cards. Most people come for a reading when they are bothered about something. Cards that appear to be negative are cards that tell us to look at certain aspects of our lives that need changing or working on. It is important for the readee to be open and honest about what is really going on because then you can understand that the cards are guiding the readee to make necessary changes or to take action. Only then can you really benefit from the consultation. For me, reading Tarot is not fortune-telling, the cards are there as a tool to bring out what is really going on in your life. They are not set in stone, they indicate what may happen and guide you towards a better future. It is important to remember that the cards are there for the readee to gain advice,  guidance and confidence. 

A pack of Tarot cards holds seventy-eight cards. These are divided into what are known as the Major Arcana and the Minor Arcana. There are twenty-two Major cards and fifty-six Minors. As their names suggest the Major cards have more power and often refer to significant changes or effects. The minor cards are still important but have more to do with everyday events, people, and concerns.

The cards of the Minor Arcana divide up again into four suits and each suit is linked to one of four elements and is associated with a particular  aspect of life :

Cups: Water. Love/emotions

Wands: Fire. Energy /Creativity

Swords: Air. Mental health/intellectual activity

Pentacles: Earth. Wealth/finances Practicality

Each suit has a King, a Queen, a Knight, and a Page. These can refer to aspects of the readee's personality or people in their life.

There are many different designs of Tarot cards and you will be drawn to the pack that resonates best with you. The most well-known pack is the Rider-Waite version with artwork by  Pamela Colman-Smith which was first published in 1910. The origins of Tarot are unknown but they go back to at least fifteenth-century Italy. The cards depicted here are based on Colman-Smith's designs.

As you explore and learn more about the Tarot I hope you will appreciate the wisdom and guidance they provide.

Major Arcana

The cards of the Major Arcana should always grab your attention. These are the more powerful cards indicating a strong influence and longer-lasting effects.

New Beginnings, Adventures, Impetuosness, Childlike Charm , Daring

0 THE FOOL Tarot Major Arcana

The Fool is bright, happy and enthusiastic. Calling on their inner child they step off the cliff into the unknown with optimism and faith that the universe will support them.

With a fresh approach and grabbing new opportunities with both hands step into the future with a child-like innocence. Sometimes you have to stop over-thinking everything and take a leap of faith. This card is telling you to stop holding back and go for it. Whether it is a relationship, a job, a holiday, or a creative idea, now is the time to go for it.

The Fool

Skillful, Intelligent, Masterful, Talented, Resourceful

I THE MAGICIAN Tarot major Arcana
The Magician

The Magician is a skilled and experienced practitioner. You have all the tools required to gain mastery over any situation and you know how to make things work to your advantage, get people on side, and use their knowledge and talents to manifest success often in difficult or seemingly impossible situations. The abilities of The Magician enable them to make everything look easy so that people are in awe of them, but this expertise has come from long practice and hard work. Imagine any high-level sports player whose skills are breathtaking and remember that although they may have been born with an innate talent, that level of success has come from hours and hours of hard work. This card tells you that if you use your skills well and bring everything you have learned together, you can achieve the desired results.

It is also asking you to be honest about the abilities you have because The Magician is honest and genuine. There is no trickery or deceit in this card so it might be advising you to find an expert to help you out. Recognise that sometimes you do not have all the knowledge required to resolve a situation and don’t be afraid to ask for help and advice from someone who does.

The High Priestess

Wisdom, Intuition, Gut feelings, Knowing, Acknowledgement of truth

II High Priestess Tarot Major Arcana

The High Priestess represents your inner, higher self. She asks you to take a moment to think deeply and carefully about your life and the decisions you need to make or have made. By meditation or sitting quietly you discover the truth of the matter, and you realise that you already know the answer. This card requires you to be honest with yourself and to acknowledge your gut instincts. The answer may be one you don’t want to admit to and involves a difficult decision, admitting you were wrong, or some kind of confrontation. However, it could also be a very positive recognition that you have the power and the skill to do something and it is only a lack of confidence or fear that is stopping you. Whatever the answer, the High Priestess is a very powerful representation of your anima and indicates that you have the opportunity to grow spiritually and be more successful if you pay attention to signs from the universe and listen to your inner voice.

Creativity, Inspiration, Birth, Abundance, Nurturing, Love, Peace

The Empress
Empress III Tarot Major Arcana

The Empress is resplendent, surrounded by blooming, fertile gardens and abundance. She represents comfort and peace, and the offering of love and protection. This is a time to enjoy success and follow your creative ideas and projects. Welcome a new child into the world or receive inspiration for something new and exciting. There is power in this card that must be used wisely and lovingly. Nurture your plans with sensitivity and respect for those around you so that you grow in harmony with your environment. 

Power, Leadership, Responsibility, Benevolence, Success, Authority, Control  

The Emperor
Emperor IV Tarot Major Arcana

The Emperor sits on his throne observing his achievements. He has great power and has achieved success through practical hard work and determination. The card represents success, a rise in status and promotions. It is important to recognise the power you have in any situation and to use it responsibly, wisely and generously. The Emperor can refer to other people in your life, your boss or a strong figure who wields authority. Examine your relationship with this person and know that everyone is human. Do not be afraid of power, but respect it. If it is being abused, it may be time to question the effect it is having on you and stand up for yourself. Take control of your own life and make the changes necessary to build confidence and self-esteem.

Education, Learning, Tradition, Understanding, Advice, Proposals

HIerophant V Tarot Major Arcana

The Hierophant or High Priest is a wise and knowledgeable teacher who believes in traditions, long accepted rituals and ways of conforming to society. The card sometimes signifies a proposal of marriage that will take place according to the customs of your society. Be open to advice from someone you respect at this time and know that there are lessons you need to learn. It is not a time for rebelling against the system but of finding a way to move forward through education, learning a new skill and developing your understanding of the way things work and how they can be of benefit to you.

The Hierophant

Relationship, Passion, True love, Partnership, Communication

The Lovers
VI The Lovers Tarot Major Arcana

The Lovers card shows up whenever there is a strong relationship based on deep and meaningful love. There is a beauty to this partnership with heartfelt emotions and open, honest communication. This is the time to be clear about how you feel and to express your thoughts and desires with trust and fidelity. Have complete faith that this is reciprocated love and enjoy allowing it to grow without any doubts or fears. With this card there is a need to be true to yourself as well as others and to honour your own values and moral code.

Dynamism, Determination, Success, Willpower, Confidence 

The Chariot
VII The Chariot  Tarot Major Arcana

The Chariot abounds with energy and power. It denotes success through focus, determination and clarity of purpose. You are in control of your destiny now and can conquer the world. As you steam towards your goal be careful who you knock aside in your progress. Use the vitality of this card to guide you forward - you will be victorious - but don’t lose sight of how you got there and who helped you on the way.

Health, Patience, Inner strength, Mind over matter, Wisdom, Courage

VIII StrengthTarot Major Arcana

This card is to do with both physical and mental health. It denotes great composure and the ability to rise to any challenge. You have the power to keep things calm and manage difficult circumstances with kindness and empathy. You have the stamina and the mental endurance to get through any problems and you have the capacity to help and care for others with gentleness and wisdom. It represents spiritual growth and power through gentle persuasion and love rather than force. Have patience, things are going to change for the better.

Meditation, Respite, Solitude, Advice, Soul Searching

The Hermit
IX The Hermit Tarot Major Arcana

Time to take a step back and carefully consider where you are in your life. It indicates the need to be on your own to think about things and rest. Being alone here does not mean loneliness but a decision to step away from the hectic, often overwhelming world and take stock. Meditation and relaxation will lead to an awakening. Better understanding comes from deep within or you will attract the right book, film or person to offer wise advice and guidance.

Change, Destiny,  Prosperity, Joy, Good Fortune

X Wheel of FortuneTarot Major Arcana

Expect positive change when the Wheel of Fortune reveals itself. This is a time of good luck, happy surprises, and serendipity. Take chances, grab opportunities that suddenly present themselves, and enjoy a purple patch in your life. Remember to be generous and wise with your good fortune because what goes around comes around.

Wheel of Fortune

Fairness, Contracts, Agreements, Responsibility, Truth

XI JusticeTarot Major Arcana

Wrongs will be righted, and the outcome of situations will be fair and just. The truth will come out, balance will be restored, and a new equilibrium found. Formal agreements and contracts will be in play and should be checked carefully and put in place before moving forward with projects or new ventures. This card requires you to take responsibility and care in all arrangements and deals to make sure that they are in your favour. Ensure that you are behaving fairly and have been honest in your actions or they could come back to bite you.

Perspective, Delays, Frustration, Surrender, Faith, Acceptance

The Hanged Man
XII The Hanged ManTarot Major Arcana

Despite its name The Hanged Man does not need to be frightening when considered with an open mind. It often shows when you feel stuck and unable to move forward because nothing seems to be going your way. It often refers to frustrating situations involving delays and constant obstacles. The card is advising you to stop banging your head against a brick wall and pause to look at things in a different way. Changing your perspective on something often leads to revelations about what you need to do or even want to do. Walk away from emotional turmoil and distract yourself by doing something you’ve never tried before or go for a long walk observing all the beauty in the world. Give your brain a rest and allow it to form a new outlook. Accept situations you cannot change and when there is nothing else to do but wait, then wait patiently with faith that there is a reason why this is happening and there is a lesson to be learned.

XIII DeathTarot Major Arcana

Endings, Transformation, Re-evaluation, New beginnnings

This card is about endings and all forms of death. More often than not, the card refers to endings and transformation, leaving a job, a relationship or a phase in your life that no longer works. In this sense, although there may be sadness there is also a feeling of spiritual growth and the promise of positive change ahead. It could be telling you to make the changes necessary for your personal expansion, time to clear out anything in your life that is not in harmony with your new way of thinking or beliefs. Time to allow and welcome new life and new beginnings.

Death as in the end of someone’s life is a part of our daily lives and in the Western world in particular, we are afraid to talk about it, but it does happen. In Tarot the appearance of this card very rarely refers to the physical death of a person but when it does it is an important sign telling us to learn to accept and celebrate that life.


Balance, Moderation, Patience, Calm, Empathy

XIV TemperanceTarot Major Arcana

There is a sense of serenity and calm when this card appears. Balance has been achieved and harmony surrounds everything. Patience is rewarded and consideration of all sides of a problem leads to positive resolution. You can expect a period of time when everything flows smoothly and you can experience peace and joy. The card represents the idea of everything in moderation so be sure to recognise if the card is urging you to look at your way of life and find ways to achieve a work/life balance.

XV DevilTarot Major Arcana

Obsession, Selfishness, Materialism, Addiction, Extreme emotions

When the Devil appears, it is time to rein yourself in and take a look at your thoughts and actions. Either you or someone around you has lost track of themselves and is behaving in a selfish even manic way. It could be an unhealthy obsession or an addiction that is having a negative effect. Changing patterns and habits is essential to your well-being. Find a way out of an abusive relationship or move away from associates who are a bad influence. There could be pent-up emotions that lead to angry outbursts, so it is time to face up to damaging issues and look for a positive resolution. Find an outlet for feelings of frustration through exercise or creative hobbies. Giving up bad habits is hard and often feels like restriction. The truth is that the obsession has you in its hold and by letting it go you set yourself free. Time to cut the chains that are holding you back unnecessarily and start caring for yourself and those closest to you.

The Devil
XVI The TowerTarot Major Arcana

Shock, Surprise, Unexpected events, Complete transformation

The Tower is a powerful card indicating an event that will be a bolt out of the blue. Something completely unexpected knocks you sideways leaving you reeling and leading to a completely different course of action or phase of your life. Sometimes painful, transformation is forced upon you. Although the experience has taken you by surprise, more often than not it is the universe forcing you to reevaluate your position and kicking you into making changes that will take you to a much better place.

The Tower
XVII The Star Tarot Major Arcana

Hope, Joy, Faith, Inspiration, Success, Abundance

The Star is a silver lining offering only good things after what has been a difficult time. Seeing this card evokes excitement, optimism, and gratitude. Whether it be new beginnings or things you’ve been working on for a while they are all blessed. Welcome in this ray of light and embrace opportunities for fruitful expansion with gladness in your heart. This is the break you’ve been waiting for, a sign that everything is going to turn out well. Artistic and creative ideas flourish and it is time to celebrate.

The Star

Confusion, Sticking to your path, Secrets, Deceit, Subconscious Emotions

XIII The MoonTarot Major Arcana

The Moon is the card of feminine intuition, dreams and emotions. It signifies feelings of melancholy and insecurity. This is time to reflect deeply on where you are and find a sure footing. Believe in yourself, you do know what you are doing and what you want. Stay firm and don’t be swayed from your path as you face obstacles and feel overwhelmed by doubts and lack of support. Listen to your subconscious as it provides you with valuable insights to help you separate illusion from reality and trust that the light of the moon will guide you to the truth, not mislead you. You have good friends around you; make sure you know who they are.

The Moon

Joy Vitality Success Abundance Unconditional love

The Sun
XIX The SunTarot Major Arcana

The Sun is the happiest card in the pack denoting wonderful times to enjoy with gratitude. Everything you do is blessed. Everything is clear and bright. It is time to laugh and shout for joy with childlike abandon. Share your good fortune with friends and family and be generous to those not so fortunate. There will be celebrations, the chance to relax and be at ease. Make the most of the opportunities this card represents, be proud of your achievements and appreciate all the good things around you.

Forgiveness Cleansing Evaluation Rebirth Enlightenment

XX Judgement Tarot Major Arcana

This is a chance for you to wipe the slate clean and start again. It signifies new beginnings with inspired knowledge and a greater understanding of yourself and the world. Everything you have learned can now be put to use as you see a fresh way of dealing with life and people. In order to move on freely and with self-esteem, it is necessary to evaluate where you have come from and what you have been through with honesty. You gain personal growth and success by finally knowing how to forgive others as well as yourself.


Completion, Fulfilment, Victory, Achievement, End of a Chapter

XXI The World Tarot Major Arcana

There is a feeling of completion, a job well done, and the end of a project or phase in your life. This is the card of accomplishment and you can enjoy a sense of victory. You have worked hard, learned many lessons along the way, and have grown spiritually as well as enjoying material wealth. With completion, there is an ending and it is time for stepping forward into new beginnings and the next important phase of your journey with optimism and confidence.

The World


The cards of the Minor Arcana focus on what is going on in your day to day life. They do not refer to the deeper, stronger power of the major cards but they are still significant in understanding where you are now and the best  way forward.

Suit of Cups

The Cups are all about emotions, relationships and love. Linked to the element of water they are always moving and flowing and often refer to intuition and subconscious feelings.

Suit of Cups

Ace of Cups

Joy, New love, Beginnings of romance, Renewal, Family

 Ace Cups Tarot

Embrace the feeling of deep unconditional love. This card signifies love in its purest, freshest form. You are at the beginning of a new relationship feeling joy and excitement or recognising the strength of an existing relationship. It could signify the birth of a child or the beginnings of a new project which you feel deeply about. This is a time for strong family ties and giving love freely and whole-heartedly. Pour love into all of your activities and you will be rewarded with success. Allow yourself to give and receive love without fear, this is about joy, excitement and well-being.

Two of Cups

Two of Cups Tarot

Partnership Reciprocated love Romance Harmony

When the two of cups appears, you can be sure that you are in the right relationship. The card signifies partnership, understanding and reciprocated love. It is a time of harmony, joy and mutual respect. This is the meeting of your best friend, lover and soulmate. Love is embraced and nourished. Although usually related to romantic unions the Two of Cups sometimes appears for close working relationships where there is a shared passion, a meeting of minds and respect for the skills each brings to the partnership and a true friendship.

Three of Cups

Three of Cups Tarot

Celebrations, Weddings, Sisterhood, Friendship

Be ready to celebrate in style with joy and laughter. The Three of Cups signifies exciting news and events to celebrate with friends and family. You have a close circle of friends, and the friendship is supportive and fun. Enjoy the good times; this will be a festive, sharing environment celebrating creativity, joy and blessings with gratitude.

Four of Cups

Four of Cups Tarot

Boredom, Lethargy, Apathy, Procrastination

There is nothing exactly wrong with your life, you are just not feeling any joy. You are in a rut realising that many of the things you have put your time and energy into haven’t fulfilled you or are no longer giving you any satisfaction. You have material comfort but something in your soul is empty, and you don’t have the energy to do anything about it. Time to look deep inside and rekindle the passion you used to feel for life. Look at the people around you, do you need to find more stimulating and enriching company? Give yourself a kick up the backside and find a new interest, creative project or physical exercise to get your blood moving and to give your life more meaning. You may be in a relationship or a job which is boring you. Remember the cups are ruled by the element of water, always moving and changing and this could just be a temporary feeling. Decide whether you can improve what you have by taking action now before the choice is taken out of your hands and you regret it.

Five of Cups

Five of Cups Tarot

Sadness, Nostalgia, Disappointment, Hope, Moving on, 

The five of cups indicates that you are feeling sad and disappointed. Your heart has been broken and you are filled with regrets and self-reproach. However, the card is full of hope for the future. It calls for you to stop focussing on what has gone and look at all the good things in your life. There is the promise of an opportunity for new and stronger love in the future if you allow it. Don’t close your heart; despite the hurt you can learn from this experience to move into something much better that is waiting for you. Concentrate on the future not the disappointments of the past and keep your heart open to new love.

Six of Cups

Six of Cups Tarot

Memories, Old friends, Childhood Innocence, Simplicity

Enjoying the company of children or playing games of innocence and fun. Thinking about your childhood and enjoying memories of days gone by. The meeting of old friends and reminiscing about good times. There is a delightful aura surrounding this card as it sends out messages of comfort and simple pleasures. There may be a little nostalgia and homesickness but savour these fond memories with a smile and enjoy being reunited with people from your past.

Seven of Cups

Seven of Cups Tarot

Illusion, Daydreaming, Choices, Opportunities

Feeling confused and overwhelmed as you try to decide in which direction you should go. You are surrounded by options, and it is essential that you look very carefully into each of them before you make your choice. This is the card of illusion so be very sure that you are being practical and honest with yourself. Some of the things on offer may seem amazing but if they seem too good to be true then they most probably are when this card appears. Are you living in a dream world? Or are you not examining things deeply enough because you so want them to be true? Do not take things at face value, listen to your intuition and make sure you know exactly what a new opportunity involves before grabbing it blindly. Keep your feet on the ground and turn your dreams into reality through hard work and practical application.

Eight of Cups

Eight of Cups Tarot

Transition, Spiritual Growth, Departure, Relief

It is time to go, to leave the past behind you and move forward into a more fulfilling life. There is a sense of sadness with this card; it marks the end of a relationship or situation that no longer serves you. You have put time and emotional energy into giving to others and it is time for you now. Don’t look back, you have made the right decision. You have changed and grown spiritually and it is time nurture your soul as you have nurtured others. Letting go is always difficult, but sometimes it is necessary for your own well-being. Look to the future with optimism; it might not be clear at the moment, and you need to take time for yourself to do some soul-searching. However, the underlying feeling is one of relief and the sun is coming out.

Nine of Cups

Nine of Cups Tarot

Success, Fulfilment, Wishes granted, Accomplishment, Abundance

The Nine of Cups denotes a real sense of joy and success. Enjoy the feeling of accomplishment. You have reached your goal and can celebrate and feel proud of yourself. This is a very lucky time when your wishes will come true, so be very careful what you wish for! Enjoy the abundance that comes to you now and express your gratitude for all the good things in your life.

Ten of Cups

Ten of Cups Tarot

Marriage, Bliss, Harmony, Family, Contentment, Stability, Happiness

The Ten of Hearts denotes security, stability, and great happiness. You have achieved success and you are respected and loved by friends, family, and work colleagues. You are with the right partner and together you have a strong, long-lasting, and beautiful relationship. You have attained spiritual awareness and your wisdom enables you to live a full and generous life in harmony with nature and the universe. Spread joy and radiate love and happiness wherever you go and in whatever you do.

Page of Cups

Page of Cups Tarot

Love, Good News, Birth, Inspiration

The Page of Cups is a dreamy carefree soul who loves magic and fairy stories. A gentle, loving person with a sensitive nature. The card’s appearance indicates lovely messages that you have been waiting for or good news often regarding a baby or a young child. Expect flashes of inspiration and delightful, unexpected opportunities.

Knight of Cups

Knight of Cups Tarot

Restless, Dreamer, Loving, Artistic, Intelligent, Passionate

The Knight of Cups represents someone who is charming, kind and loving. They can be dreamers who are restless and easily bored. They are active and need constant stimulation but are fun to be around and have hearts of gold. You can expect someone to come back into your life when this knight appears. Just like the Knight of Cups they are always coming and going and if you want them to stay you have to understand and accept their need for change and excitement. Once you have their heart, they will be faithful, loyal, and supportive. This Knight shows up when you need to be more decisive about going for your dreams and to recognise where you are being inconsistent.

Queen of Cups

Queen of Cups Tarot

Empathetic, Compassionate, Intuitive, Nurturing, Thoughtful

The Queen of Cups is loving, nurturing and compassionate. Her heart is gentle and caring and she loves to take care of any living things. She has experienced life’s ups and downs and knows intuitively when someone is struggling and needs help or advice and offers it willingly. She must be careful about being taken for granted and at the same time be careful not smother people with her love and caring interest. Be aware of people around you who need your empathy and support at this time.

King of Cups

King of Cups Tarot

Wise, Loyal, Diplomatic, Calm, Sympathetic, Affectionate, Loving

A mature man whose calm demeanour and friendly nature endear people to him. He is a rock in a crisis and will offer wise and helpful advice. His heart is true, and he has high moral values which he demonstrates in his behaviour. Always tactful, he is good at diffusing tense situations and will always be there to offer guidance and support to anyone who is in trouble. He is a loving and devoted partner and enjoys spending time with his family and close friends. Be open and honest about your feelings at this time. Express yourself clearly and seek a greater understanding of yourself and those you love. It is very important not to bury your emotions. Be sensitive to other people’s feelings but make sure you are honest with yourself and with others about how you are truly feeling.

Suit of Wands

Linked to the element of fire, the cards in the suit of Wands signify primal energy, creativity, expansion and ambition. There is a vitality in these cards relating to action and passion. 

Suit of Wands

Ace of Wands

Ace of Wands Tarot

Excitement, Inspiration, Creative ideas, Energy, New beginnings

Bursting with energy this card signifies exciting new creative beginnings. Flashes of inspiration and the energy to start new projects or rekindle old ones with confidence and enthusiasm. Make the most of this injection of fire and act with boldness and vitality. 

Two of Wands

Two of Wands Tarot

Planning, Considered choices, Partnership, Cooperation,

Hard work has brought you to a point where you can stop and survey the world that you have created. You have the world in your hands and can choose which direction to go in next. Often indicates a strong working partnership with solid foundations and good balance. You are ready to take the next step. Look at partnerships carefully; make sure that you have the right person working with you whom you can trust to be loyal and to take shared responsibility going forward. 

Three of Wands

Three of Wands Tarot

Business success, Travel Expansion, Waiting for results, Opportunity

Business transactions have been set up, hard work has been put into studying or working and you are waiting for the results to come in with high expectations. The signs are all good for a time of celebration but don’t let go of the wheel. Continue to be responsible and practical and collaborate with able and worthy people to reach success and create opportunities for future success. Your ships are coming in; make sure they reach the harbour safely.

Four of Wands

Four of Wands Tarot

Joy, Celebration, New home, Harmony, Peace, Stability

This is a card of joyful celebration, a sense of coming home. You are in a good place surrounded by loving friends and family and can relax in an atmosphere of peace and harmony. You are in a strong, loving relationship with mutual respect and a beautiful home. You celebrate your hard work and good fortune which has led to this feeling of stability and completion with gratitude.

Five of Wands

Five of Wands Tarot

Battles, Conflict, Tension, Compromise, Rivalry, Competition

You are in the midst of a battle with tensions running high. There is a sense of frustration as you try to get your own way. Rivalry and competition are fierce. Time to take a step back, respect the views of others and find a way to compromise or win another way. Recognise if you are being stubborn in a no-win situation; be clear about what it is you are fighting for and proceed with wisdom and open-mindedness. Don’t waste energy on a battle you can’t win. Step away and consider your options.

Six of Wands

Six of Wands Tarot

Victory, Triumph, Overcoming difficulty, Honour

You have come through the battle and have triumphed with good leadership skills and intelligence. Enjoy the moment of glory and respect all who have helped you achieve your goal. This is the card of successful outcomes after establishing strong foundations, being organised and determined, and persevering through difficult challenges. Sometimes it may not feel like you have won, but look at what you have achieved and the respect you have gained.

Seven of Wands

Focus, Confidence, Defence, Courage, Fortitude

Seven of Wands Tarot

Stand your ground, be confident about all that you have achieved and defend your position with courage. People around you might be criticising what you do or trying to put you down. Stay firm and don’t be afraid to confront any problems or difficult people with faith and strong belief in what you are doing. Trust your inner feelings and don’t be swayed from your path. Focus on the future and persevere in taking action to achieve your goals. However, make sure that you are not being obstinate or stubborn and over-defensive when there may be a gentler way to move forward.

Eight of Wands

Eight of Wands Tarot

Speed, Change, Progress, Swift Action, Dynamic

Expect to be swept off your feet with a rapid change of pace. Things suddenly move forward at a great rate bringing in positive change and swift progress towards your goals or presenting wonderful, unexpected opportunities. Ride the wave that is carrying you forward with ease and grace. This is an exciting and surprising time so make sure you enjoy the moment. 

Nine of Wands

Nine of Wands Tarot

Resilience, Ambition, Perseverance, Relocation

You have stuck with it through thick and thin and though exhausted, you have stayed true to yourself. Stay firm and focused on your goals. You have worked hard and been through a lot to get to this position and it is not time to give up now. This card often relates to your ambition and signifies discipline and hard work. It can also relate to travel and a change of residence, possibly a move to a new country.

Ten of Wands

Ten of Wands Tarot

Responsibility, Stress, Burdens, Achievements, Accomplishment

With success comes responsibility. You have achieved a great deal, and in the process you may have taken on more than you bargained for with increased stress. You can carry these burdens, but you need to rest. Don’t be blinded by the demands on your time. Sometimes we take on too much; everything becomes overwhelming and leads to sacrifices we didn’t want to make. Make sure that you look after your work/life balance and keep a clear view of what and who is important to you.

Page of Wands

Page of Wands Tarot

Good news, Young person, Birth, Enthusiasm

When the Page of Wands appears, you can expect good news. You are filled with enthusiasm and bright ideas. Sparkling with innovative ways to do things you bring energy and fun to any situation. This card can represent you or a person in your life who is filled with childlike creativity and courage. Often refers to a young person, the birth of a baby, or new beginnings. 

Knight of Wands

Knight of Wands Tarot

Creativity, Energy, Competitiveness, Passion

The Knight of Wands is full of enthusiasm and attacks life with energy and creativity. Full of fun and wanting it all you dive headlong into new ventures with confidence and ability. Often referring to a young man in your life, you can expect the unexpected with this person who can be self-centred and independent but passionate and exciting with drive and ambition. They are dynamic and impetuous, always looking for something new to try with a fiery disposition and a great sense of humour. 

Queen of Wands

Queen of Wands Tarot

Generosity, Creativity, Vivaciousness, Fertility, Wealth, Loyalty

The Queen of Wands is the soul of the party; a kind and generous spirit who loves to engage in sports and spend time in the countryside. She loves people and enjoys initiating projects or supporting worthwhile causes. She is a very good businesswoman with the ability to manage her wealth with wisdom and practicality. She can be domineering but has a great sense of humour. She is extremely charismatic and is a good and loyal friend. This card can signify the reader or a person in their life. Expect things to happen when she is around and enjoy the fun and laughter. 

King of Wands

Leadership, Business acumen, Creativity, Honesty

King of Wands Tarot

The King of Wands represents a person with brilliant leadership skills who knows how to make things happen. They are wealthy from hard work and practical decision-making combined with tremendous creative insights.They are strong and love sporting activities. Generous and wise, they are great advisors and supporters and although they can be fiery and domineering, they love their family and close friends. This card can represent elements that you are displaying or a person in your life.

Suit of Swords

The cards in the suit of Swords are linked to the element of Air. They represent thoughts, ideas, intelligence and mental attitudes. Often they are associated with stress and emotional turmoil but they also offer a way of looking at things honestly. It is a reality that everyone goes through bad times as well as good and recognising what it is you are worrying about can often be the key to taking positive action and moving forward.

Suit of Swords

Ace of Swords

Power, Epiphany, Initiation, Clarity, Truth

Ace of Swords Tarot

The Ace of Swords is a card of powerful mental force. You see things clearly and take the initiative to cut through problems and obstacles and clear the path forward. It is time to take matters into your own hands and get rid of anything no longer needed. Take no more nonsense and believe in your convictions and values. While the mental energy is forceful do not use aggression or manipulation to get what you want. This card is about truth and justice; the initiation of expansion and development with positive thought and actions to follow through. Go for it!

Two of Swords

Two of Swords Tarot

Balance, Compromise, non-judgemental

Step back from confrontation; this is not the time to wade in with fixed opinions or to be drawn into giving your point of view when you are not prepared. Listen to both sides and offer advice only if asked. Don’t get involved in other people’s arguments and in your own life look at ways to reach a compromise rather than being stubborn. Think very carefully before making any decisions; you may be feeling bombarded with conflicting information. Take time to calm your mind, allow yourself time to check how things stand and make sure that everything is in a fair balance. 

Three of Swords

Three of Swords Tarot

Sorrow, Heartbreak, Grief, Pain, Loss, Betrayal

This sad card denotes an event or circumstance which hurts you deeply. This is all part of life’s journey and can be used to teach you important lessons, and make you stronger and more empathetic. Allow yourself to cry and acknowledge the pain; it is real, but don’t wallow too long in self-pity. This is a painful time, you have been stabbed in the heart, but it is also an opportunity to look at your thought patterns. What is the best way to deal with the feelings and the situation? How can you move forward with strength and positivity? Give yourself time and love yourself. 

Four of Swords

Four of Swords Tarot
Exhaustion, Rest, Meditation, Retreat 

Time for yourself. Overwhelming events and stressful situations have led you to a point where you need to take time out. Find a place for quiet contemplation, allow your troubled mind to stop the whirling thoughts and relax. Through meditation and deep breathing still your mind and allow light into the darkness. It has been a rough ride but now is the time to rest and find peace. Reflect honestly on your life and examine where you are and where you want to be. Looking inwards will lead to new understanding and guidance for the next step. Your higher mind will guide you towards acceptance and healing.

Five of Swords

Five of Swords Tarot

Disappointment, Defeat, Plans, Conflict

You may have won a battle, but you may also have made enemies in the process. Avoid forcing your hand and question both your motives and the way you are behaving. This card often appears when plans you have been working on are just not working out. You feel disappointed and frustrated. Pay attention to who you are dealing with and whose company you are keeping. Move away from argumentative, unhelpful people and surround yourself with like-minded friends who will support you with sound advice and help. Re-examine your plans, they may just not be ready yet. 

Six of Swords

Six of Swords Tarot

Transition, Travel, Improvements, Solutions, Escape

Feeling mentally battered and bruised there is now light at the end of the tunnel and a way out. Things will only get better as you take up an opportunity or choose to move away from an untenable situation. A difficult time is coming to an end, and you can look to the future with faith that problems will disappear, or you will see them from a new and liberating perspective. Often indicating travel overseas or to a new area, it could also refer to a mental shift as solutions present themselves and allow you to think with a clearer more positive attitude.

Seven of Swords

Seven of Swords Tarot

Deception, Manipulation, Secrecy, Independence

Take great care when this card appears. All is not as it seems and there are people around that you can’t trust. There may be people trying to stab you in the back or who are just working to their own agenda and manipulating things for their gain. Ask yourself what you have done to create this situation and is there anything you can do to change it? Make sure it’s not you. You may think you are being clever but being sneaky never works out in the end. You may feel that you have set off on your own as a bit of a lone wolf to achieve something independently but make sure you are not deceiving yourself. Look at things logically and honestly to find a way to bring people on side or move away from negative influences. Don’t refuse genuine offers of help or be afraid to find the right person to ask for advice to see your path clearly. 

Eight of Swords

Trapped, Imprisoned, Stuck

Eight of Swords Tarot

The Eight of Swords indicates a feeling of being trapped and unable to move in any direction. Things haven’t worked out the way you hoped; a relationship has gone wrong, or your career is not flowing the way you wanted. You are filled with doubt and confusion and feel paralysed, unable to make a decision about how to change the situation. Everything is about perspective. It is only your thoughts that limit you. It is time to re-evaluate your life and look at things from a new angle. What can you do to exercise both your mind and your body? It is only your negative thought-patterning and fear that is holding you back. Write down your options, write down what you want out of life. Where can you make changes? Have faith that you will soon see exactly what you need to do. 

Nine of Swords

Anxiety, Stress, Inner demons

Nine of Swords Tarot

You are worrying and worrying, stressing about everything and everyone and it is not good for your health and well-being. Sometimes worrying becomes a bad habit; we believe that if we don’t worry enough about things they will go wrong. Time to think very carefully about what you are worrying about. If you are overwhelmed or stressed by too many responsibilities, see where you can delegate or get help. Look at your time management and see where you can prioritise things. Deal with problems one at a time and act when you can to make things easier. Are all of your worries real or imagined? Time to confront your inner demons and let them go. They do not serve you. Don’t worry about other people’s problems. Help wherever you can but do not make them your problem. It’s important to care, but make sure you are caring for yourself. Don’t waste your energy worrying about things you cannot change and spend time acting on the things you can.

Ten of Swords

Ten of Swords Tarot

Ill health, Loss, Calamity, Exhaustion

You have done all that you can, and it hasn’t worked out. You feel shocked, defeated, exhausted and run down. You have hit rock bottom and it’s time to pick yourself up and look to the future for a new start and a new way of life. This card signifies a painful loss, an end to something you held dear or bad news. This is a very difficult time for you, and you need love and comfort to help you back on your feet. Get as much support as you can at this time and know that endings signify new beginnings. You might not be ready to hear that as you are engulfed by a black cloud but don’t lose hope. There is a bright sky on the horizon, and you will get through this. 

Page of Swords

 Cleverness, Truth, Surprising news, Energy, Messages

Page of Swords Tarot

The Page of Swords is lively, chatty, and quick-witted, with an agile mind that comes up with ingenious ideas and plans. You have the ability to put over your ideas with brevity and clarity by choosing your words carefully. The youthful exuberance of this card may mean that you get over-excited, so make sure you use your intelligence to plan your new projects well. In a reading, this card often refers to a young child who is causing niggly concerns or problems. It is important to listen to them and allow them to speak to find out what is really going on. The Page of Swords can also signify unexpected or surprising news. 

Knight of Swords

 Speed, Intelligence, Bravery, Truthfulness, Pragmatism

Knight of Swords Tarot

The Knight of Swords cuts to the chase with eloquent and intelligent words. He dives into action and races forward to achieve his goals always fighting for truth and justice. Sometimes a bit outspoken, he can come across as arrogant and sarcastic, but he is a deep thinker and means well. The time is right for you to take swift action, things are moving quickly and positively. Use your ability with words to share your great ideas and put them into action.

Queen of Swords

Wisdom, Intuition, Maturity, Intelligence, Eloquence

Queen of Swords Tarot Card

The Queen of Swords is an intelligent and capable older woman. Often single, always independent she offers wise and useful advice with perception and acuity. She has great intuition and despite a stern demeanour and sometimes a sharp tongue, she is extremely empathetic and thoughtful. A beautiful, strong woman who enjoys intelligent, witty conversation, she loves reading and writing but will also dance the night away given the opportunity.

Use your intuition to make decisions at this time and use your love of words to express yourself clearly and powerfully.

King of Swords

Power, Authority figure, Judgement, Intelligence

King of Swords Tarot

A strong man with a forceful nature. He is smart, intelligent, and astute. He commands respect and acts with fairness and honesty. An articulate and eloquent speaker he can persuade people to follow his ideas and is a natural leader. He is a wise advisor and teacher who thrives on mental stimulation and the gathering of knowledge. His outward manner can give the impression of being cold but although he is not emotionally demonstrative, he feels deeply and passionately. He can be prone to angry outbursts particularly when frustrated by people not understanding his viewpoint. The card tells you to be more assertive and to take control of your life. Study more to become an expert in your field and build your confidence. Now is the time to stop being bullied but don’t become a bully yourself.

Suit of Pentacles/Coins

The suit of Pentacles or Coins are linked to the element of Earth. They are connected to financial and material concerns: wealth, career, stability and well-being. 

Suit of Coins

Ace of Coins

Ace of Coins Tarot

Windfall, Wealth, Opportunities, Prosperity, Gifts, Inheritance

The Ace of Pentacles signifies great news regarding your finances and material well-being. Expect everything to flourish at this time; new opportunities will appear; business will expand and anything you invest in will be profitable. The card promises a stable foundation from which you can grow, and desired amounts of money come to you through expected and unexpected sources. It signifies the seed of new ideas, which you must plant and nurture in order to succeed. It can indicate a windfall from an inheritance, compensation, or other source: spend it wisely.

Two of Coins

Two of Coins Tarot

Balancing, Financial juggling, Work Changes, Responsibilities

This is a time when nothing is flowing as smoothly as you would like, and you need to be adaptable and flexible to manage the journey. You are juggling your work and life balance to keep going and although it’s a tricky time, you have the capability to manage the situation. Any work is work at this time of fluctuation and you can actually enjoy the experience and the changes taking place. Be clear about your priorities and be efficient with your time management.

Three of Coins

Perseverance, Learning, Practice, Success, Reward

Three of Coins Tarot

You have been studying hard, practising for long hours, and working towards mastery of a particular skill or talent and it is time now for you to receive rewards for your efforts. You will enjoy the feeling of success and gain the respect that you deserve, but don’t stop now. This is just the beginning. If you continue on this path and stay focused, you can achieve even greater things, including fame and fortune. Choose the right people to work with at this time; by collaborating with other talented and conscientious people, you will gain huge satisfaction from your work.

Four of Coins

Four of Coins Tarot

Wealth, Stability, Power, Security

You have accumulated wealth and enjoy the feeling of stability and security that this material well-being offers you. It may be a new experience for you, and you are afraid of spending the money in case you lose it. With wealth comes power and responsibility and it is essential to look at your position with wisdom and balance. Having money for the sake of money does not do you or anybody else any good. Invest it wisely, don’t be afraid of treating yourself and others with your wealth and use it for good causes. Don’t make it the most important thing in your life and watch out for being greedy and selfish.

Five of Coins

Loss, Fear, Isolation, Anxiety, Money trouble

Five of Coins Tarot

You are feeling at a loss about what to do next. It could indicate the loss of a job or source of income. You are worrying about where you are going to live. There is generally a lot of fear and stress about your financial status. This is a testing time; you feel isolated and are struggling to keep your head above water or see a way forward. Although a tough period is indicated, this card is telling you to stay positive. Try not to let anxiety overwhelm you as you look at what you can do and take things one step at a time. The card is telling you that there are people who can help you and guide you through this, if you let them. Breathe deeply and think clearly, the solution is closer than you think. There may be someone in your life who is going through a very difficult time. Look out for people who may need your assistance.

Six of Coins

Generosity, Giving and Receiving, Sharing, Wealth, Success

Six of Coins Tarot

You are comfortable and well off and it is important to share your good luck by giving to those in need. Business ventures prosper and money comes to you. You are good at keeping your finances in balance and pay your bills on time. In gratitude, you recognise the need for generosity in the world and get fulfilment from being able to help others. This card signifies the importance of understanding giving and taking. 

Seven of Coins

Harvest, Profit, Perseverance, Patience

Seven of Coins Tarot

Your hard work is going to pay off. Your patience, attention to detail and vision are now coming to fruition. The card indicates long, hard work with a feeling that you would never see the rewards, but you didn’t give up and now you can begin to see the results. You planted the seeds and tended to the soil and now it is time to reap the rewards of your efforts. Channel your strengths into what you are good at and cultivate your skills as you learn and grow towards success. Pay attention to what you are doing and where you are going; make sure that you are putting your efforts into something worthwhile.

Eight of Coins

Diligence, Dedication, Discipline, Rewards, Study, Skill development

Eight of Coins Tarot

The Eight of Pentacles indicates rewards coming from the use of skills that you have learned and are putting into practice. You could be finishing an apprenticeship or internship or doing extra studies to expand your knowledge and increase your career prospects. The card indicates the need for discipline and diligence as you hone your skills and gain mastery in your chosen area of work. It has been a hard slog, but rewards are indicated here, so expect well-earned money for your dedication to the task at hand and success in your own business. 

Nine of Coins

Nine of Coins Tarot

Luxury, Abundance, Reward, Recognition, Independence

All your hard work and personal development culminates in well-deserved recognition and due reward. Relax, pamper yourself, and enjoy some time off knowing that you have achieved ongoing success. You have become self-sufficient and financially independent, and you can enjoy the freedom it gives you. Abundance surrounds you and you can enjoy the comforts provided by your success with wisdom, balance, and generosity. 

Ten of Coins

Accomplishment, Respectability, Stability, Wealth, Security, Tradition

Ten of Coins Tarot

There is a sense of completion with the Ten of Pentacles. The sign of a life well-lived, building trust, loyalty, and respect on solid foundations. Wealth is accumulated and provides security and stability for the whole family. It could indicate an inheritance as well as prosperity gained from working hard and acting wisely with money received. All you could possibly want financially manifests itself now and is combined with happiness and good relations. You have earned the respect of your peers and the community and can enjoy the good things in life. 

Page of Coins

Proposals, New job, Practical, Loyal, Good news about a young person

Page of Coins Tarot

Down to Earth and practical the Page of Coins is a sensible young person with an excellent work ethic. They have an inherent mind for business which shows from a young age, and they will work hard and steadily to achieve their goals. It is time to turn your ideas into reality through practical application. The appearance of this card signifies news of a young person, new job opportunities, and good news regarding money. 

Knight of Coins

Knight of Coins Tarot

Patient, Persistent, Trustworthy, Reliable

The Knight of Coins is a diligent, hardworking young man. He works steadily and persistently towards goals with a practical down-to-earth nature. He is a good earner and provider and loves outdoor pursuits. The card indicates that you have a practical outlook on your finances and clarity on the steps you need to take to create a firm foundation from which to build. Be reliable and honest in your dealings and be prepared to work hard and patiently to achieve your material goals.

Queen of Coins

Queen of Coins Tarot

Calm, Practical, Wealthy, Nurturing

The Queen of Pentacles is a wealthy woman who knows how to run a good house or business and nurtures those around her. She is calm, patient, and hard-working but also loves entertaining and promoting gifted people around her. She is careful and wise with money and uses it to help others when she finds a worthwhile cause. An earthy lady who loves nature and cultivates the land as well as herself. She is caring, kind, and responsible and she encourages others to learn from her success, which she has achieved through practical thinking and hard work. Enjoy the wealth and success that the Queen of Coins symbolises and be aware of others less fortunate whom you can support and advise. 

King of Coins

Wealth, Abundance, Business success, Security, Loyalty

King of Coins Tarot

The King of Pentacles represents material wealth, abundance, and stability. He is an excellent businessman with a solid grasp of the world and how to make money. Hard-working and realistic he has built his success through steady effort and diligence. He loves the outdoors and has a strong connection to nature and animals with a robust and generous personality. He is an unsophisticated man with little time for intellectual debate or abstract ideas; he sees things as they are and gets on with what needs to be done to finish a job well. Through self-discipline and staying focused, you will achieve success in reaching your financial goals. Keep your feet firmly on the ground and concentrate on achieving realistic outcomes to allow yourself to grow step by step towards lasting abundance. 

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